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  • I'm not quite sure what services I need - what should I do?
    Arrange a free, no-obligation phone call (30 min) here to discuss your needs and find the right option for you.
  • Are initial consultations free?
    Absolutely! Before each project, we take the time to fully understand your requirements and wishes. This initial consultation is always free of charge.
  • Can customers choose between different payment plans (e.g. monthly or yearly)?
    We know that founders face a lot of costs, especially in the start-up phase. That is why there is the possibility to pay the amount in quarterly or monthly installments for all services.
  • Are there any hidden costs or additional fees that are not listed on the price list?
    If you agree a flat fee with us, you will not incur any further costs. Even with our projects billed by the hour, we estimate the costs in advance and inform you in good time when a certain amount is about to be reached in order to coordinate the next steps.
  • How are tailor-made services or projects calculated?
    For tailor-made services or projects, we create an individual offer based on the specific requirements and needs of your company. First, we conduct a free initial consultation to better understand your goals, challenges, and expectations. We then analyze the scope of the project, the resources required and the time required to provide you with a transparent and fair offer.
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