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You take care of your business -

we take care of your finances!

We help companies focus on their core business while we handle all financial matters in the background.

In an ideal world, everyone does what they do best.

Running a business in Switzerland comes with many accounting and tax challenges. At Mindspring, we take these complex tasks off your hands so you can focus on your core business. With our expertise at your side, you can feel confident that all of your company's financial and tax matters will be handled professionally and reliably so that you can focus on the success of your business.

Our offering for companies:

Financial accounting

Our financial accounting services include not only day-to-day bookkeeping and the preparation of annual financial statements, but also specialized services such as accounts receivable and accounts payable. We ensure that your business transactions are recorded correctly, your customer invoices are paid on time and your supplier liabilities are managed properly.

Payroll accounting

Our payroll accounting services include monthly payroll, administration of social security contributions, calculation of withholding taxes and year-end payroll work. In addition, we advise you on issues related to personnel administration, including employment contracts and personnel insurance.

Tax advisory

We relieve you of the complex task of filing your tax return and help you minimize your tax burden. Our services include careful preparation and filing of your tax returns as well as strategic advice on tax optimization.

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